At any given school, there is potential for a large amount of data to be collected: daily attendance, grade records, standardized test scores, demographics, climate, and culture data. 
However, it is challenging to take the next step and use all this data effectively.
Evidências na Escola was an online course that joined a community of educators to explore data-driven education potentials to improve teachers' practice and students' learning.
Design for Learning
We designed the course to foster collaboration between teachers and administrators by stimulating them to create an investigative approach to school-related data.
Through a series of video lectures, readings, activities and discussions, participants reflected on school problems, collected data to analyze their causes, created action plans, and evaluated the results.
Working with a multidisciplinary team, I have collaborated from the projects' early concepts and didactic materials creation to its end, producing and directing a video case.
Learning to share,
sharing to learn
The specific context in which the learning process occurs is relevant. So, to wrap up the course, we promoted meetings at key schools where participants exchanged their experiences and projects.
As a great example of bottom-up action, Elaine, a coordinator from Guia Lopes de Laguna, a county of 10,000 habitants in Mato Grosso do Sul, talked about a newspaper project developed at her school during the course.
When analyzing students' performance, she noticed their struggle to write, identify and categorize different text types. So, she led the creation of a school newspaper called 'Salomé News',  in which students could exercise different writing styles and types of text. Sooner than expected, students' grades on state-level exams increased, as well as their self-esteem.
Elaine's case demonstrates how transformative a data-driven approach to education can be. By having a deeper holistic understanding of data, teachers can respond to problems more effectively, co-creating solutions with their students and peers.
My role
Overall Design and branding
Video (+ Gian Misiti and Bruno Mancini)
Communication strategy (+ Marcelo Ribeiro)