LUMIAR is an innovative school based in São Paulo. One of its core beliefs is that children learn better when actively involved in their own learning process. 
For that purpose, the school's project-based curriculum is co-designed with teachers, children, and professionals from diverse backgrounds who also collaborate on classes.​​​​​​​
What is a book?
I joined a group of 5-year-old children interested in transforming their stories into books. For that, I designed a three-month experience where the goal was to develop a book collection made by kids. We started by reflecting on books.
"What is a book? Is it always made of paper?  Does it have to have words? Why don't all books have pictures?"
After that, we talked about the type of story they would like to write. "Will it be a fairy tale? Who is going to be the main character? Where does the story happen?"
It's story time!
Since the children were non-alphabetized, they told the stories to us so we could take notes. While we were writing, they curiously and attentively observed.
In the meantime, we talked about their stories, asking questions to stimulate them to add more details and think about the development of their narrative.
There is a boy called Lancelot. In fact, he is Optimus Prime, an alien robot that once lived on Earth. He came from another planet on a spaceship and had to travel to several planets to find a friend.
Excerpt from Benjamin's book
Drawing words
Further, they illustrated the stories. During the activity, we observed different drawing styles rising among children. While some used just a few colors, simple forms, and lines, others made detailed drawings and seemed to envision with clarity what they intended to represent, even before putting their pens on paper.
The book collection
After finishing the stories and illustrations, we designed the covers, and wrote the titles and mini-biographies for these new little authors.
Lastly, we released the books at a launch event. The children enjoyed seeing their ideas and imagination materialized in an actual book and appreciated by their families.
Besides providing many learning opportunities for kids, book-making creates a sense of achievement. When children feel good about the result of their work, they want to learn more and become more confident.
​​​​​​​My role
Experience design
Graphic design